What would you like to do at sea,
Where would you like to escape to?

winter destinations

Royal Yacht International offers a curated selection of winter destinations for those seeking unforgettable unique getaways. Explore the sun-soaked Caribbean islands, where pristine beaches and turquoise waters await. Or embark on a polar adventure to Antarctica, discovering its frozen wonders. The Bahamas offers a paradise of relaxation and water adventures for a tropical escape. With personalised service and the finest accommodations, these winter destinations promise a journey of indulgence and exploration.


summer destinations

Royal Yacht International invites you to set sail and discover our recommended summer destinations. From the enchanting Amalfi Coast to the captivating Turkish Riviera and the timeless beauty of Greece, our handpicked destinations promise a summer of unparalleled luxury and adventure. Whether you seek the allure of Mediterranean charm, rich history, or pristine beaches, we have the perfect yacht charter experience. It's time to make your summer memories extraordinary with Royal Yacht International.


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