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legal advisor

federico ferrigno

+44 7814 533839legal@royalyacht.it

Federico Ferrigno, marine lawyer and legal advisor at Royal Yacht International, plays a pivotal role in ensuring legal precision and compliance within the dynamic world of luxury yachting. With a wealth of expertise in maritime law, his adept counsel guides the company and its clients through the intricate legal landscape, adding a layer of assurance to every nautical endeavour. Federico's commitment to excellence and deep understanding of maritime regulations make him an invaluable asset to the Royal Yacht International team.


jason lecompte

+33 6 80 86 36 89jason@royalyacht.it

Meet our accountant, Jason Lecompte. With eight years of experience as a charter and management accountant at another prestigious yachting company, Jason brings expertise and knowledge to our team. 
His background in the yachting industry has equipped him with a deep understanding of financial management and operations specific to this unique field. 

office manager

maria anferova

+33 6 78 63 07 93maria@royalyacht.it

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